Al Marid Motors has a big range of luxury vehicles for an array of budgets and tastes

In recent years, United Arab Emirates has been initializing the process of shifting away from oil dependence and has started the economic capability to focus on others sectors, such as tourism, IT, pharmaceuticals, automotive, real estate, and many more.

The automotive sector in United Arab Emirates is a growing industry wherein most of the cars are imported from different countries. With a structural and a progressive change in automotive sector, there is a greater possibility to enhance the capability of luxury car market in Dubai wherein dealers in coming years would look forward to adapt to effective digital solutions to attract consumers and participate in growing the luxury car market in UAE. One such dealership is Al Marid Motors, which has couple of branches spread across Saudi Arabia and Dubai.

Al Marid Motors is considered as one of the biggest luxury car dealership’s in GCC, which has a range of fleet including high-end luxury cars buyers can ever ask for. They have the best German brands under their roof, including Porsche, BMW and Mercedes, which has helped them establish a strong presence in the luxury cars market.

The export prospect of luxury cars in UAE is acting as a major determinant in the development of the automotive industry in coming years. Dubai, being our major export hub in UAE in terms of luxury cars. Mostly, our cars from UAE are exported across GCC. As long as the demand of luxury cars in GCC region stays relevant, German cars are subjected to record massive growth in the next 5 years due to export opportunities which contributes in generating revenue.

-Hafiz Ahmed, Director Manager, Al Marid Motors

You can get in touch with Al Marid Motors via their website or Instagram page @almaridmotors.

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