Entrepreneur Walid Hatem Abushammala believes that success doesn’t come easy

“One can lead from behind and be successful if set rules are followed,” says Walid Hatem Abushammala.

Entrepreneur Walid Hatem Abushammal believes that success doesn’t come easy!

The desire and required skills that’s needed to become a successful entrepreneur can be recognized early in a person’s life. With the right guidance, young minds can develop into seasoned entrepreneurs and lead the world of business.

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“It’s easy to mould a young mind as it develops the mechanism to work effectively in the right manner,” says Walid confidently. He’s been there, done that, and says that if one starts at a young age, the chances of him achieving success increases to a great extent.

His popularity grew more when he was featured in several news publications, which made him a kind of idol for youngsters who admired him for his achievements.

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Walid started off his career at a young age, where he started working for an EdTech firm, known as ‘BE’ (Better Experience). The EdTech firm focuses on providing pure education and knowledge to students.

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Today Walid’s flourishing position as a network marketer speaks a lot about his success. His never say die attitude and a steadfast vision to succeed in life coupled with his amore, consistent efforts and faith in his hard work has helped him emerge as a winner both in his personal and professional life.

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