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Escape to the Oasis in the Dubai Museum

Escape to the Oasis in the Dubai Museum

If you really want to know more about the history and culture of Dubai, a visit to the Dubai Museum should be a must. This brilliantly designed museum has historic exhibits that portrays the traditional life of the tribesmen in Dubai. Moreover, here you get an opportunity to get familiarized with the rich cultural history of Dubai, which is contrary to the modern hub we see today. Furthermore, a visit to the Dubai Museum gives an idea that the societal development and the economic growth is an ongoing journey.

The one place that we loved the most is the Oasis area!

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The Oasis area recreates the deserts giving out rich information of the camels and falconry who are the vital friends of the desert inhabitants. But what really attracts our eye is the date palm trees which are recreated realistically.

It’s a must to take out your time and hit up this moment of fantasy and you’ll never forget it for sure.

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