Food blogging is something which everybody can’t master like Firas Kazma

Food blogging is considered as a very unique talent! Moreover, this talent can be seen coming as a new and competitive hobby in many young foodies. Nowadays, people are going crazy about food blogging, and many of them are even taking this as their source of earning.

However, when it comes to being a successful food blogger, it is not just minded till taking pictures or sharing the reviews, on the other hand it really requires your creativity, passion, and some exceptionally amazing skills.

Food blogging is definitely a splendid hobby but also it is something which everybody can’t master.
These days there’s a huge competition going on in the field of food blogging, each and every one is giving their best in showcasing their talent. One such example of a renowned food blogger is Firas Kazma, a man who also owns couple of companies globally, yet considers food blogging as his part-time career.

Firas is blessed with the talent of identifying the inexactness of the flavouring in food. On the other hand, he never thought that one day his love for food can turn out to be such a great opportunity in his life for him.

Becoming one of the best food bloggers in the GCC in spite of such a tough competition going on in this field has never been easy for him. Firas has given his best efforts, time and dedication to achieve his dreams. Moreover, he grabbed the chance of taking his passion as his career in food blogging and excelled in the field.

Recently, Firas had announced a big news for the tools his website will feature in Q4, 2022. The tools have been named as ‘Foodo’ and ‘Restro’.

Foodo enables everyone to look out for trending dishes in the UAE, whereas Restro enables all restaurants in UAE to list their presence on CEO Street Food so that everyone in the Emirates can check for the most preferred restaurants, and even search for them by their location using advanced search-filters.

This one-of-a-kind tool will definitely take up the F&B industry to another level especially the way this big blogger is ideating the growth of his new projects.

We should learn from Firas Kazma to never hesitate from exploring yourself. Everyone is having some or the other hidden talent you just have to find it and then ball will be in your court.

He has taken over the food blogging niche across his Instagram, YouTube and TikTok page where he has thousands of followers.

Follow him there and stay tuned for more exciting content.

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