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Gas prices raised in UAE, residents oppose the act

Gas prices raised in UAE, residents oppose the act

The UAE residents who are still using gas cylinders have observed an increase in their gas invoices.

Expats said that their suppliers have recently started adding ‘delivery charges’ as well, which sets apart from the price of the cylinder and VAT.

Although, the fuel prices raised in the UAE were dipped in May, delivery person says that the diesel is Dh4.08/L this month, compared to Dh4.02/L last month, hence resulting in higher transportation costs.

Dubai’s most preferred gas cylinder delivery companies include Emirates Gas, Blue Flame Gas, Yalla Gas and many more.

“I try and avoid using the lighter in full force. When we have cooks preparing our meals, the gas consumption is obviously much higher as they are usually pressed for time and switch on all the lighters,” an expat said.

Moreover, some residents also said it may be time to switch to piped gas as it is more economical than conventional fuel.


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