Meet Moayad Alsawaf, the top UAE based food Influencer

Moayad Alsawaf An Instagram famous celebrity known for his unique style and content, he reviews a variety of fine dining fancy restaurants and hotels across United Arab Emirates. Moreover, he keeps his followers very much up to date with what’s happening with chefs and the restaurants’ menus.

Moayad was listed on the top of the “RESEARCH Trends & Benchmarks of Influencer Marketing in 2022 and 2023” as the #1 leading Instagram food influencer in the United Arab Emirates.

He had become one of the best-known and most influential food bloggers in the UAE by 2023, having over 1.7 Million followers on Instagram, and as one of the top and very popular food influencers.

This influencer is a individual who has a large social media following, he uses his influence to spread information about the fine dining restaurants menus, and hotels buffet, showcasing new ingredients and cuisines and dishes, recommending food, brands, cafè, hotels and restaurants. Because of his widespread reach and powerful influence, food influencer Moayad can have a huge impact on society, shaping opinions about what is considered healthy, fashionable, or delicious.

Make sure you follow him on Instagram @moayad.alsawaf

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