Omar Al Ashi – CEO of Urent possesses a vast amount of experience in establishing successful plans for the company

With constant efforts and determination, Omar Al Ashi has marked his way into the entrepreneurial world, setting a splendid example for numerous individuals.

In the current generation of excessive competition, one has to go through several milestones to fulfill their dreams due to thousands of unexpected challenges that might come in their way. The journey becomes more complex and arduous for the ones striving to kick-start their entrepreneurial journey as young entrepreneurs.

Although we have innovative ideas that can turn silver into gold, young entrepreneurs face many other challenges in operating their businesses, such as lack of funds, experience, and exposure.

The outbreak of Covid-19 contributed to the brutal collapse of the economy and business sectors, making it nearly impossible for anyone to thrive to achieve their dreams. Despite the numerous challenges and ongoing pandemic conditions, for a 27-year-old, Omar Al Ashi resisted giving up on his dreams, becoming one of the youngest yet most successful entrepreneurs.

Growing up in Canada, Omar developed an intelligent interest in entrepreneurship. By the time he graduated, he was determined to establish his venture by any means.

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With a positive mindset and the ability to bounce back from difficult situations, Omar Al Ashi took the risk of starting his P2P car rental business ‘Urent’ when the pandemic was in full swing. Despite the rising pandemic that threatened to strangle ventures to death, Omar Al Ashi remained determined to take his experience to the next level.

As a result of diligent efforts and hard work, Urent soon flourished, eventually generating seven figures in revenue. Omar Al Ashi’s thriving multi-category vehicles’ rental company opened the doors of opportunity for him amid the pandemic, and he hasn’t looked back ever since.

Moreover, an entrepreneur must manage his enterprise in a multidisciplinary manner. To accomplish this, one is required to be creative, possess extraordinary leadership qualities, foresight, vision, ability to think ahead, and be able to create options, as well as be able to gather resources to fulfill the goal. Having an entrepreneurial mindset and superior leadership skills, Omar possesses these characteristics with strength and resilience.

With a zealous and persistent nature, Omar has become one of the youngest millionaires in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Despite reaching the heights of immense success, Omar is determined to never stop chasing his dreams and gain more recognition with his hard work.

Follow him on Instagram and stay tuned for more exciting projects that he will initiate real soon.

Follow Omar on Instagram @omaralashi_

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