Pro Chef ME Winner ‘Mohamad Chabchoul’ Plans Big For 2022

Chef Mohamad Chabchoul secured his position as a winner and received the Pro chef of the year '2021’ award.

If you are interested in the Middle Eastern heritage or even want a deeper understanding of the region, the best topic to start is the food. Authentic food from any place in the Middle East packs with it more than just the flavors, especially in a country like United Arab Emirates.

In terms of food, the biggest competition is done amongst the executive chefs. And one of the biggest competitions in the Middle East had been the ‘Pro Chef ME’, which was organised in 2021.

The Pro Chef ME Awards celebrates the best culinary achievements across the Middle East. For last eight consecutive years, the awards have recognised the biggest accomplishments and names across the Middle East’s F&B sector.

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UAE-based chefs in superior positions were invited to submit their nomination for the Pro Chef of The Year 2021 category. And from these nominations, one of the greatest chefs based in Dubai – ‘Chef Mohamad Chabchoul’ was selected by a prestigious panel to compete in a cooking challenge to secure the crown of ‘Pro Chef of the Year 2021’. Chef Mohamad Chabchoul secured his position as a winner and received the ‘Pro chef of the year’ award.

Chef Mohamad Chabchoul Pro Chef Middle East Winner

“Since there are many more big competitions going to be held in 2022, I look forward to participating in all of them and make a name for my region in the international competitions too.”

– Mohamad Chabchoul

Make sure you follow this awarded chef and connect with him on IG or his website to learn more about his plans and recipes.

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