Salwa Shalabi: The Queen of Arabian Cuisine

Salwa Shalabi’s name has become synonymous with creativity and innovation in the food and beverage industry. In a career spanning more than a decade, Salwa has continually strived to identify the essence of classic Arabian cuisine, and make it thoroughly modern.

Her experimental recipes have taken her all over the world, with her current base between Lebanon and Dubai, UAE. But it is in her home country of Lebanon that Chef Salwa continues to search and enhance her experience in order to influence her peers around the Middle-Eastern region, and confirm her place as one of the best chefs in the region.

Salwa’s relentless curiosity about the possibilities of traditional Arabian food that drove her to become one of the Middle-East’s most celebrated chefs.

Her preoccupation with classic Arabian cuisine forms the basis for much of her work. She has sought to fully understand its place in cuisine as the one single component that can unite other, often diverse, flavours in harmony. For Salwa, this is what differentiates ‘Arabian cuisine’ from ‘Arabian food’, and many of her recipes hold true to this philosophy. Her dishes are frequently a reflection on terroir and also the integrity of simple ingredients. However, their execution with the pleasant balance and subtle flavours elevate them to a culinary art form.

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Wherever she cooks, Salwa Shalabi continues to push the boundaries of the Arabian cuisine. Her unique creativity means her combination of the classic and the modern frequently yields surprises. But the fact that Salwa remains one of the few Middle-Eastern chefs that most other chefs look up to is no surprise at all.

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