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Tasnim Cosmetics by Tasnim Dawjee; Here’s what you need to know

Tasnim Cosmetics by Tasnim Dawjee; Here's what you need to know

The new era of fashion is ever-evolving due to the introduction of m any new fashion trends. Hence, many people keep an eye on different clothing styles to get themselves dressed as per the latest fashion trends. Tasnim Dawjee is one of them!

Tasnim is a South African fashion blogger, Makeup Artist, Brand ambassador and an influencer who is exploring the fashion world out of her passion. Moreover, she has the widest collection of luxury brands which includes heels and clothing amongst many other things.

Due to her interest in fashion and as a makeup artist, Tasnim looks forward to opening her own beauty line soon, which will be named as ‘Tasnim Cosmetics’.

Tasnim explains that her beauty line are made for people with sensitive and special skin disorders, because she’s been suffering from the same medical condition since years.

Now there will be a contour kit in the market to shape shift without the worries of getting any skin allergies or breakouts.

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