The Irish Village is a popular watering hole in Dubai for good reason

The massive expat crowd in Dubai can never get enough of that crispy batter tasty chunky chips. Although many places serve their deep-fried fish with a side fries, you really can’t compete them with a chipper chip, a curry sauce for dipping and a hearty dose of salt and vinegar, which you can find in ‘The Irish Village’.

The Irish Village is the IV’s pub grub which is an excellent place to dine. Currently, it has two branches in Dubai, one at Al Garhoud City and another at Dubai Studio City. Satisfying, tasty and when eaten outside with some live music, it’s going to be amazing. It’s best to have a hops batter, with chips and good old fashioned mushy peas. The Irish Village is a perfect place to take your family in and experience the indulging moment with them.


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