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UAE music scene to get big as DJ Cassie releases her own EDM

UAE music scene to get big as DJ Cassie releases her own EDM

DJ Cassie, a well-known musician, recently released a new song called “SOS- Dubai.” Everyone was caught by this surprise. Nobody, including DJ Cassie, was prepared for such an amazing song. No one anticipated her to drop such an amazing dance music, despite her well-deserved reputation as an artist.

DJ Cassie, who is also known as ‘Hanna Ipatava’ had a unique way of expressing herself from the beginning. It stood out from the crowd for all the right reasons when she moved to Dubai from Belarus. Hence, her work is stunning. When you look at her IG profile, you can almost see the thought process that went into her. Moreover, this expressiveness was astonishing to see in her songs.

When you listen to “SOS – Dubai,” you know you’re in for a wonderful time. Once it’s played, you’ll want to give yourself a warm Cardio for thoroughly enjoying the drop. Regardless of the cultural background or preferences, everybody will enjoy it because of its enchanting musical arrangement.

Listen to SOS by DJ Cassie
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DJ Cassie’s debut album, “SOS – Dubai” gave us a taste of what’s to come. With her music, we hope she will continue to amuse us in the same way in the near future.

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